We are a friendly traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate-Do club open to all practitioners of traditionalmartial arts.

The club was founded in August 2005 as Katy Shotokan Karate-Do Association in Cinco Ranch, Katy Texas 77450 & Richmond Texas 77407  USA.

It has grown to offer classes to over 50 members. We have a family program (youth and adult together) and students practice in designated beginner, intermediate, or advanced level classes.

Our adult program hosts more than 20 different nationalities.

Our Dojo is apolitical, and regardless of our affiliations, we welcome any person who brings a friendly attitude to practice in a serious setting.

We believe that karate-do is much more than a self-defense tool. The way we teach it, karate-do is a lifelong pursuit of self-improvement and betterment.

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